Quaderni del Nastro Azzurro

Quaderni del Nastro Azzurro
Anno LXXVII 2016 n. 2/3

Il Corpo Italiano di Liberazione ed Ancona. Il tempo delle oche verdi e del lardo rosso. 1944

Il Corpo Italiano di Liberazione ed Ancona. Il tempo delle oche verdi e del lardo rosso. 1944
Società Editrice Nuova Cultura, Roma 2014, 350 pagine euro 25. Per ordini: ordini@nuovacultora.it. Per informazioni:cervinocause@libero.it oppure cliccare sulla foto

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martedì 3 dicembre 2013

THE BATTLES FOR THE MIGNANO GAP The new Italian Army's baptism of fire

AUR and the Associazione Reduci LI° Battaglione A.U.C. Bersaglieri “Montelungo 1943” present 


The new Italian Army's baptism of fire 

An introduction and visit to the battlefields 
Hotel Rocca, Cassino – Friday, December 6, 2013 
Between 8 and 17 of December 1943 American and Italian troops fought for the first time together, in a coordinated operation against the German Bernhardt Line (the Winterline for the Allies) the last resistance on the via Casilina, the road to Rome, before Cassino. The Battle of Montelungo was not only a test of the new army's mettle against the German position but it showed Gen.Clark that Italian soldiers could be trusted. 
JAMES WALSTON, The American University of Rome; Lieutenant Colonel LIVIO CAVALLARO, Scuola di Fanteria di Cesano MATTHEW PARKER, Author of 'Monte Cassino: The Story of the Hardest-fought Battle of World War Two' (2004) 
will offer, in English, an outline of this key moment in US-Italian relations; a summary of the events from a military point of view and an overview of the battles for the Migano Gap within the wider context of the battles for Montecassino and the entire Italian campaign 
The presentations are intended, as a short introduction preceding the visit to the battlefields. The goal is to offer English speaking journalists, historians, military and cultural attachés a synthetic overview of the battles of Montelungo and of San Pietro Infine. 
The presentation will be held in the Hotel Rocca Conference Room, Via Sferracavallo, 105 03043 Cassino (FR) (0776 311212) A shuttle service will be available for transit from Cassino railway station to the Hotel Rocca, the conference and the battlefields. 
10.15 – Conference 15.00 – Visit to San Pietro Infine 12.00 – Visit to Montelungo 16.30 – Return to the Hotel 12.45 – Light buffet
Organized by Prof. Andrea Branchi
andrea_branchi@fastwebnet.it 333 968 3737

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